Four Steps to Manifest Your Desires with the New Moon

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I love to perform a New Moon and Full Moon ritual every month. New Moons are the perfect time to call in that which you wish to manifest into your life. I like to think of the dark moon as an empty vessel. She’s open and ready for you to fill her with your wishes and desires. And this isn’t the time for holding back! Anything and I mean A N Y T H I N G you want you can work on manifesting during this time. However, if you want a little extra oomph and power to your manifesting, you can see what astrological sign the New Moon is in at the time and focus your desires around that energy. For example, if the New Moon is in Libra, you can think about what you wish to manifest in your relationships. If the New Moon is in Sagittarius, you can think about what you want to manifest regarding education and travel. But really, the world is your pickle and whatever it is you want, now is the time to get on the path toward pulling it in.

I also want to mention that you don’t have to be super “spiritual” or into Astrology at all to do this ritual. You can use these two times of the month to simply check in to your goals and see how you’re doing. Everything here is totally adaptable to your wants, needs, beliefs and desires.

Now, let’s jump in to the ritual!

1) Gather your supplies.

Take the time to make sure you have all of your supplies together. There’s nothing more annoying than getting into the groove of your ritual and then realizing you can’t find your lighter to light your incense or you pen when you’re ready to write! These are the supplies that I use:

1)     Music

2)     Palo Santo

3)     Sage

4)     Incense

5)     Candles

6)     Lighter

7)     New Moon Notebook

8)     Favorite pen

2) Cleanse Your Space

This is one of the more important steps of the ritual. You want to set the tone for what you’re about to do. Here’s how I like to cleanse my space:


First, I turn on some music that I connect with. It could be shamanic drums, inspirational music, EDM…Whatever I’m feeling at the time and whatever will help me connect. Music and sound is also a great way to shake up the energy of a space. Then I light some candles to set the mood. Not only does the aroma of scented candles put me in a great mood, I love the ambient light they provide.

After I select the perfect music and light my candles, I grab my palo santo and sage so that I can smudge. Smudging is using smoke to clear energy. I start with the Palo Santo to clear any negativity that might be lingering in the space. I walk around the room in a counter clockwise direction. This is supposed to signify pushing energy out. I make sure the smoke goes in to each corner of the room as well as around my desk, couch, or wherever I’m going to be writing my intentions. Once I’m satisfied with the Palo Santo, I follow up with Sage. With the sage, I walk around the room clockwise. This signifies pulling energy in. I love using sage to welcome positive, happy, clean energy.

If you’re not into the idea of smudging, I recommend lighting incense, candles, or spraying the room with something that smells lovely to you. The sense of smell is so powerful and the most important thing here is to make your space put you in a great mood.

2)  Center Yourself

Take a moment to ground your energy. You can meditate, say a prayer, or think of your intentions before you write them. Really get into your energy. Listen to the music. Enjoy the scents in the room. Take some time to just…be. I love to say the Pathway Prayer and feel the love and support from the cosmic beings that are the Masters, Teachers and Loved ones. But if this is too out there for you, just take some time to sit in silence and gratitude for this time to prioritize yourself.

3)  Begin Writing!

I have a journal that’s used specifically for my New Moon Rituals. I don’t use it for anything else. Not notes. Not scratch paper. Nothing except my manifestations written during the New Moon. To me, this journal is a sacred book of my hopes, wishes and desires. It’s very special. Of course you don’t’ have to be as intense as I am about it. You can use your personal diary or daily journal. But I truly believe those feelings and that energy help me to manifest.

Once you have your journal and favorite pen in front of you, begin writing your intentions. This is totally optional, but I like to start my journal entry with something along the lines of “I write all of these intentions with the highest good of myself and everyone involved in mind”. To me, that’s asking the universe to fulfill my wishes with nothing but good vibes for myself and anyone else who may be contributing to my goals. Once that’s done, I just free write everything I want to manifest.

It’s very important when trying to manifest to write everything in the present tense and wit gratitude. For example “I’m so happy and excited that I have the job of my dreams! My heart is filled with gratitude that I’m able to serve others with this job!” Like…really get into it! Fill it with all the ooey gooey fluff you can muster! In order to manifest, you really have to be connected emotionally to what you’re attempting to call in. It’s that energy of emotion that brings what you want to you.

You can write around one specific thing like manifesting a partner or job or whatever it is you want. Or you can just write whatever comes to mind. However you best connect to the intent is up to you.

4)   Sit in Gratitude

Once you have everything all out of your heart and mind into your journal, take a moment to sit in gratitude for everything you’ve called in.  You can re-read your journal entry and simply say “Thank you!” for everything you’ve written down. And while you’re sitting thinking about all of your beautiful wishes and dreams coming true, really allow yourself to feel how you would feel if everything came true right that instant. How would you feel if you got that job? What would it feel like to have your perfect partner sitting right next to you in that very moment? It feels great doesn’t it? Really sit in this space for a few minutes as you close out your ritual.

I like to end each entry with “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

After my ritual is over, I close my journal and don’t look at the entry again until the New Moon. This signifies that I trust the universe to deliver what I asked for. And it also helps me to not dwell on what I’ve written down. Once it’s out of my mind and into my journal, I know I don’t have to worry about it because it’s being taken care of in due time.

Once the next New Moon rolls around, you can re-read your entries. Has anything you asked for come to fruition? Have your goals changed? Do you still have work to do? Every New Moon is a beautiful time to review and tweak your goals and desires.

And that’s basically it! As I said at the beginning, this ritual can be tweaked and changed to suit you. Your connection to this ritual is the very most important thing. Feel free to add, remove or change anything you’d like!

I truly hope you enjoy bringing the New Moon ritual into your routine. Check out my Full Moon Ritual (coming soon) so you can further harness the power of the moon to bring more magic and wonder into your life!

Love Always,

- A