Neptune in Astrology

All About Neptune:

Discovered:  Mistaken for for a moon of Jupiter in 1613 by Galileo Galilei and officially discovered in 1846 by Johann Gottfried

Sign: Pisces

Time in Each sign: +/- 14 Years

Orbit:  +/- 165 years 

House:  12th

Element: Water 

Key Words: 

·  Positive Manifestations: Symbolism, intuition, spirituality, mysticism, imagination, innocence, compassion

·  Negative Manifestations: Escapism, deception, deceit, guilt, addiction, delusions, naivety, confusion, hypochondria

Rules: Liquids, drugs (medicinal & recreational), alcohol, illusions, divinity, divination, fashion, meditation, fantasy, art, divine beauty, the unconscious, Secrets, faith, medicine, psychology, charity work, abstract thought, movies, television, poetry, music, dance, hypnosis, extraterrestrial dimensions.

Statue of Neptune - Cape Charles Virginia

Statue of Neptune - Cape Charles Virginia


·     Purple

·     Lilac

·     Light Blue

·     White / Ivory

·     Pale pink

·     Sea Green


·     Fluorite

·     Kyanite

·     Lapis

·     Larimar

·     Aquamarine

·     Sapphire

Day of the Week

·     Thursday






Anesha Pereira